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Gold Standard Ultra Curved Tweezers

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Meet the second release in our luxury Gold Standard tweezer line: the Ultra Curved.

These versatile tweezers can be used for wiggling mega volume fans into place and picking + placing classic lashes, while making isolation easy with their gracefully-long curved tips. These beauties provide flexibility when manipulating your fans into place, as they do not fully close along the entire curve of the tip. After manipulation, use a firm grip to close fully.

Our upgraded black and gold finish provides extra sturdiness, while maintaining our ergonomic, lightweight feel so you can protect your hands.

As always, these tweezers are hand-tested for quality before shipping to you in a protective box.

Please note: these tweezers are hand-finished during the manufacturing process. You may notice some scratching on the inside of the tweezers where the coating transitions from gold to black - this is normal and does not impact how the tweezer functions. 

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