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Retention Queen

Boost your bonds with Retention Queen! This handy super bonder instantly cures adhesive, forcing air out for the strongest bond possible even in the most difficult lashing environments. The result? Your best retention yet!

Retention Queen also vanishes irritating adhesive fumes on contact, giving your sensitive clients a more comfortable experience. 

Product Features:

  • For use immediately after applying eyelash extensions
  • Formulated for use in any environment (humid or dry)
  • Pairs perfectly with any lash extension adhesive, not just LBP's
  • 15mL of bonder with dropper for ease of use. Please note: the bottle is larger than 15mL so will not be completely full. We leave extra room to allow for changes in air pressure during shipment.

Directions: 2-3 minutes after applying the last extension, use a microswab to gently run Retention Queen across the client's lashes where the extensions are attached (at the base).  Fan dry before the client opens their eyes. 

With Retention Queen, we recommending skipping the nanomister, as both work to cure the adhesive.  If you've got mist-loving clients, mist after applying Retention Queen and keep it to just a few seconds.

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