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Elleebana Flex Rods - Combo Pack

What makes the Elleebana's Flex Rods so unique? The curvature of these ultra-soft silicone forms produces a beautiful C curl. It features a superior grip and a comfortable fit for the eyelid, so no adhesive is required on the back! It speeds up application time and takes the worry out of client irritation due to the bond. If that's not enough, each size comes in 2 shapes for the right and left eye. The sides are indicated on the outside and inside of the rod. 

Sizes Included: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large

Instructions: Ensure the lid is clean and ready for the rod. Size them up to your client's eyes, but DO NOT apply glue to the back. Continue with the One Shot or Profusion lash lift procedure of attaching lashes to the FRONT of the rods with Elleebana's Original or Strong Hold adhesive. (Also available in Original and Strong Hold Squeeze Tubes!) You can still use the Elleebana Tree, Lash Lifter, and Isolator tool in your lash lift service.

You will find a QR code on the back of the packaging that leads to the instructions on the official Elleebana website, just in case!

Try enhancing your lifts with Elleebana's tint collection, Belmacil or Profusion. Please note, like Elleebana's original rods or shields, tinting lashes while still on the rod will stain the silicone when tinting lashes on it.

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