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10 Things to Keep You Busy at Home

  • 2 min read

At this point, the virus has disrupted all of our normal day-to-day activities and our lash practices. We hope you are holding up and know that we are here for you! Since many of us are adjusting to the at-home lifestyle, we wanted to share 10 ways you can keep busy.

1. Head to your closet. Swap out your winter clothes for your spring/summer ones since spring will likely be in full bloom by the time this is over.

2. Channel your inner child. Pick up an adult coloring book and get creative! Check out our favoritesassy andclassy options.

3. Nerd outand reread the Harry Potter series, followed by the movies as you complete each book. Get ultra-nerdy and listen to the Ringer’s Binge Mode Harry Potter series, which breaks down every.single.chapter. Warning: most of this podcast content is NOT child-friendly.

4. Fall into a black hole of YouTube silliness. The LBP team’s favorite themes include guilty dogs, guinea pigs popcorning, and America's Got Talent winners.

5. Make the perfect chocolate chip cookies. You're welcome. Recipe here.

6. Tackle those household projects you’ve been putting off. Early spring cleaning anyone? Your home will have never looked better!

7. Go through your pantryand refrigerator and toss everything past its expiration date.

8. Clean out your toiletries.Why not tackle your makeup, skincare, and bath products while you’re at it?

9. Set up virtual happy hours! Pour your favorite pinot and get on FaceTime with your bestie who’s two states away. Try going for a walk at the same time if drinking’s not your thing.

10. Start a Netflix series watch party.Netflix has launched anew feature that allows customers to watch movies and shows together without being in the same room. Now you can chat about your favorite shows with friends real-time!


We hope this helps you stay sane while at home. Stay tuned for more tips for making the best of this #wfhlife.


Was this post helpful? Send your favorite staying busy at home tip to @lashbeepro and we may just include it in our next list!

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