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10 Ways to Build Your Lash Biz from Your Couch

  • 3 min read

At this point, the virus has disrupted all of our normal day-to-day activities and our lash practices. We hope you are holding up and know that we are here for you! Since many of us are adjusting to the at-home lifestyle, we wanted to share 10 ways you can work on your lash business from your couch!

1. Revisit your lash-related expenses. Is there anything that can be paused temporarily or have payment terms extended? Don’t be afraid to call and ask! Many organizations are making efforts to help small businesses through this period, but not all are offering it automatically.

2. Not taking online bookings yet? Scope out inexpensive options tomove your booking process from text / call to online! Our favorite options include Square (free for individuals!), Gloss Genius (14-day free trial), and Acuity (inexpensive options for multiple service providers plus a free trial).

3. Make a website! If you are Instagram or Facebook-only, boost your credibility with potential clients by creating a simple website. Then, link it to your online booking! We loveSquarespace (no credit card required to start a free trial) - it’s ultra-easy to use, has gorgeous templates, and even links perfectly with Acuity (and most online booking platforms, really). Already got a site? Spruce it up with some fresh photos and content.

4. Once you’ve got your site up and running, post a few blogs about the things your clients ask about most (the difference between classic and volume lashes, aftercare guidance, what to expect when getting lash extensions for the first time, etc.) so you can point them in your direction and even boost your SEO.

5. Give your intake forms a refresh! Consider adding a satisfaction guarantee or more explicit aftercare instructions that clients must sign off on.

6. Work ahead on marketing newsletters for the rest of the year - why not crank out your 4th of July, Memorial Day and holiday emails now and rest easy later?! Mailchimp is not only free for up to 2,000 contacts, but it also makes formatting and sending emails a breeze. Plus, they’ve got tons of tutorials and resources. Get startedhere.

7. Speaking of emails… why notsend a note to clients with ways they can support you during this time? Many are looking to help their favorite small businesses! Offer up discounted gift cards or packages (some cash flow now is certainly welcome!) and remind them of your retail offerings (shampoo is a must to make lashes last until you see them next).

8. Plan out your social mediaas far as you can go! If you’re not already using an Instagram planner, now’s the time to start. BothLater andPlann have fabulous free options that’ll let you work on auto-pilot once you’re back up and running at full capacity.

9. Revamp your Instagram highlights (or add them if you don’t already have them). Add highlights with FAQs, your policies, behind the scenes, and, of course, a lookbook of your work to help people find their best lash style!Canva makes beautiful design easy (and it’s free).

10. Create a client appreciation plan to keep them feeling valued! Maybe it’s a birthday month discount, a special something for referring others, or a punch card to track their visits.

We hope this helps you stay productive! Stay tuned for more tips for making the best of this #wfhlife.


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