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12 Tips for Decorating Your Studio Like a Pro

  • 5 min read

An amazing lash experience is just as much about the ambience as it is about the full set! Your studio decor can have a major impact on your clients’ experience. Don’t underestimate the power of a chic color scheme and Instagrammable interior design.

But if design isn’t your thing, it can be overwhelming to decorate your space. If you’re opening your own space or looking to refresh your studio, start with these 12 tips:

1. Define your Style: Pick a color scheme or look for inspo on Pinterest to define your vision for your studio. Modern, minimalist, bohemian, floral - as long as your space looks cohesive and feels like you, you can’t go wrong with any design style. For more inspo, check out ourLash Studio Pinterest board!

2. Show Some Lash Love: Help clients feel your passion for lashes with little bits of lash decor around your studio. Display some swag items with lashes (like mugs or hats) or add some lash wall art around your studio like these downloadable designs! Of course, not all your decor needs to be lash-oriented! We recommend infusing a bit of nature into your home studio to create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. Add one or two nature paintings or framed photography pieces or have some potted plants in a corner or by a window.

3. Match Your Branding and Online Aesthetic: Your entire lash business should be cohesive, with each aspect complementing the others. Is your Instagram page filled with glittery eye makeup to go with your volume sets? Utilize some (tasteful!) sparkly decor. Do you mostly post client pictures with white backgrounds? Your studio should probably consist primarily of white walls or white bedding. You don’t want clients — particularly first-timers! — walking in and feeling jarred because they expected one atmosphere after researching your website and entering into another.

4. Clean Up: Maintaining a sterile, spotlessly-clean environment helps increase your client’s sense of peace during their appointment. Instead of hiding them away, have hand sanitizers, Clorox wipes, and sterilizers for keeping your tools clean visible at all times.

5. Declutter: Make sure your studio aesthetic is clean too! Try to keep your space as open and decluttered as possible. Have a smaller studio space? Try hanging multiple mirrors to give the illusion that your studio goes on for days — we recommend one in front of or on the wall next to your lash bed so the client can get a good look at their fresh sets, and perhaps one above your reception area to enlarge the space right when clients walk in or out. As a bonus, the mirror will reflect light, making your space feel brighter. Speaking of which…

6. Have Lots of Lighting: Part of opening up a space is warm, bright lighting. If your home salon is in a room with windows, make use of them by letting as much natural sunlight flow in as possible. If not, consider investing in artificial natural lamps, including professional lash extension lighting, to give even the most haphazard iPhone client pictures that extra salon-quality, professional oomph. Your clients will also be much more likely to post pictures with their new lashes inside your salon and tag you on social media if they can snap glowing, well-lit photos while still on the lash bed!

7. Make Lash Bed(s) Center Stage: The lash bed should always be the centerpiece of the studio — not just for aesthetic reasons, but to give clients the sense that their experience will be front and center of your attention. Place the bed in a location that is easy to access from the room entrance, and try not to keep any objects or furniture in the path from the door to the bed. Try to position the bed near an outlet if possible so that clients have the option to charge their phones during appointments for longer fills or full sets.

8. Make it Comfy: The lash bed shouldn’t just look cozy and inviting, it should be optimized for comfort. Keep a soft blanket or two on it so that clients can stay warm if they get cold, and invest in a solid pillow that supports the neck for maximum comfort during longer appointments. We recommend investing in one or two back support pillows and keeping them near or under the bed as well. Many clients, especially older, disabled, or pregnant ones, may experience mild discomfort or lower back issues if they lie exclusively on the bed. (You may even want to make a habit of asking clients if they would prefer to have these pillows from the get-go!). PRO TIP: Think ahead to how you’ll make sure to sanitize these in between appointments! Laundry services are often a great bet. You can also purchase pillows made with materials designed for frequent wipe-downs.

9. Store Smartly: Another key to opening up your studio is smart storage. Rather than keeping all your lash supplies displayed, try organizing your items in one place, like in a lash kit or a rolling cart organizer. If you do have a desk or reception area, consider purchasing easy-access storage bins to store your supplies behind the desk — not only will it help keep you organized, it’ll free up extra shelf and floor space in your studio! Of course, we recommend purchasing tools and storage that match your overall studio aesthetic as much as you can. For instance, don’t buy bright green storage bins or lash tools if your decor is primarily pink or white. Check out this video for more tips on how to organize your lash station.

10. Create a Playlist to Set the Mood: The type of music or background noise you play in your lash studio is key to setting the mood, so think carefully about the vibe you’re going for. Are you gunning for a more tranquil, spa-like atmosphere? You may want to save a few Spotify playlists of gentle piano or nature sounds. Opting for a more spunky, chatty salon environment? Try top 40 pop radio playlists! On the other hand, you may want to follow your clients and ask them what they want to hear while getting their lashes done. Either way, make sure to invest in a good speaker with crisp, clear sound and place it in an unobtrusive corner of the room on a low or medium volume. You don’t want your music coming out tinny or staticky, nor do you want it to be too loud — getting lash extensions should be a relaxing experience for your client.

11. Go the Extra Mile: It’s the small details that add to your client’s overall experience and make you stand out from other lash studios. Think of little ways that go the extra mile for your clients like setting up a coffee station, having mints or candy for them to grab at checkout, or keeping extra phone chargers and inexpensive headphones handy in case they forget theirs.

12. Make Checkout a Breeze: Set up a desk or station for easy checkout! Keep referral cards, loyalty cards, and a lash menu handy, and use something like Square to allow clients to swipe their credit card or pay wirelessly through their phones. If you have the space, set up a retail corner with aftercare items like lash shampoo, aftercare kits or sleep masks as well as instructional cards like these to help encourage your clients to invest in their lash health.

Let us know how your studio turns out in the comments, or tag us on Instagram when you post pictures of your fresh studio so that we can give you a shoutout!

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