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LashBeePro’s Eyelash Extension Training coming to Washington DC in the Fall

  • 2 min read

We are thrilled to bring LashBeePro’s eyelash extension training to Washington, DC!  Whether you are in DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia (or beyond!), we invite you to join us to learn this growing beauty service from top East Coast lash experts.  

Why LashBeePro Training?

LashBeePro’s training focuses on the most up-to-date techniques that will give your clients’ lashes that last without any damage. Learn how to safely apply eyelash extensions with focus on proper isolation and application.

LashBeePro’s training classes are small (a maximum of 6 students!)  so you can expect one-on-one guidance with immediate feedback. Our trainers will provide you with multiple demonstrations and several opportunities for hands-on practice both with and without live models.

Not only has LashBeePro developed a cutting-edge training, we also have a full line of products that are designed by top researchers and engineers to be more innovative, safe, and effective.  

Our products are sourced from the highest quality manufacturers in South Korea.  You’ll get a full kit of these products when you sign up for our course, as well as enjoy a lifetime discount on LashBeePro refills!

Course Content

Our eyelash extension training is spread over the course of two days. We dedicate enough time to the topics you need to leave feeling confident at the end of the two days.  

Our primary focus is to provide you with hands on practice and real life scenarios from our experienced trainers that will position you to become a knowledgeable, successful lash extension artist in the Washington, DC market!

Day 1: Fundamentals of lashing, including live demonstrations

Day 2: Practice, practice, practice!

Want to learn more about the specifics?Ready to learn from top East Coast lash stylists?  Check out details and sign up for our Washington, DC eyelash extension training class this September here.  For any email inquiries, keep in touch at

About LashBee

LashBee is one of the lash industry’s fastest-growing professional eyelash extension brands.  In addition to retailing our professional products online and providing trainings, we have a flagship salon location in Philadelphia.   

LashBee was founded by two Wharton MBA graduates who saw the chance to help bring the beauty of lash extensions to new markets, particularly focused on the East Coast.  

We are a beauty company dedicated to developing the best and safest products for lash clients. Our educators are highly-trained lash stylists who also currently serve clients and are constantly working to stay on top of the latest findings in our industry.  

We are excited to welcome Washington D.C. stylists into the LashBeePro family!



The LashBee Team

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