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8 Questions to Ask To Nail Eyelash Extension Consultations

  • 3 min read

Even for the most senior level lash stylists, consultations can be intimidating! Proficiently identifying client expectations and desired vision is an acquired skill that is essential in obtaining a joyful outcome.

Fortunately, with experience and our expert cheat sheet, here are eight key questions to pose during your one-on-one time with prospective clients:

What kind of look are you going for?Before any appointment, encourage clients to bring in lash inspiration photos. Since everyone has a different definition of what "natural" or "glamorous" means, this helps truly assess whether the look they want is among the lines of barefaced beauty or full-on glamour!

Another method of evaluating for your client is by inquiring how they usually wear their eye makeup on a daily basis. If they are a heavy makeup user, you will get a sense that they may want fuller lashes. If they often use strip lashes, they may be stronger candidate for volume lashes.

What is your lifestyle like?

As all lash artists know, eyelash extensions are perfect for beauty enthusiasts aiming to achieve a naturally glam look while also simultaneously cutting down on the time spent on daily makeup routines. Knowing the type of client you're dealing with will help you guide them in the direction of the best type of lashes for their needs.

Do you wear glasses or contacts?

Client eye care knowledge is power in determining optimal lash length for patients. Stick to shorter lengths or extensions with greater curl to design gorgeous eyelash styles that do not brush up against eyeglass lenses.

Are you getting your lashes done for a special event?

For brides-to-be or sweet sixteen queens, schedule a full set appointment well in advance of special events (optimally two weeks) to work out any lash kinks before the big day. The same goes for if the client is hoping to have their lashes done for a holiday!

Have you ever gotten eyelash extensions before?

For eyelash extension beginners, be sure to carefully walk them through the process of lash application and aftercare to ease any pre-appointment jitters. For new clients, make sure to walk them through the steps of thorough lash cleansing, and perhaps even gift them with a discounted aftercare kit to help them get started.

How much time do you have?

Even though you may tell your clients how long full sets take, you may want to always double check to make sure they understand the time frame. If you notice that your client has naturally dense lashes, they should expect the set to take on the longer side.

Are you allergic to anything?

The last thing you want after your styling efforts and precious time spent on a client is for that client to deal with retention problems or an allergic reaction. During every consultation, be sure to inquire about medical tape or adhesive ingredient allergies to ensure that your client is an eligible lash candidate. (For more information, we recommend arming yourself with basic knowledge about adhesive cyanoacrylates and the science behind them so you can answer all your clients' questions thoroughly.)

Above all else, the most important tip is your confidence! Being knowledgable and speaking comfortably about the service and your skills is the biggest factor in winning over a potential client! Happy lashing :)

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