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How To Talk to Your Clients About Lash Cleansing?

  • 2 min read

Do your clients complain about poor lash retention during the summer months?


Summer is the time when clients are swimming, sweating, applying sunscreen, and spending more time outdoors. Sounds like a fun time, but it can be the worst time of the year for lash retention.

After a long day at the beach, oils, makeup, and sweat can break down the bond of lash extension adhesive and lead to poor retention.

One way to improve lash retention during summertime(and all year round) is by using lash shampoo daily.

Telling clients — especially new ones — that they need to “clean more” can be a delicate topic. Start by asking them about their usual end-of-day routine:


  • Do they use a particular face wash?
  • Do they wear makeup? If so, what kind of remover do they use?
  • Are their products oil-free? (oil breaks down adhesive bonds quickly!)

Explain to them that other cleansing products can leave residue and film on their lashes.Then, emphasize that lash shampoo is specifically formulated for extension-wearers, and it’s the best way to keep their lashes healthy, fluffy, and attached.

Some clients might be hesitant to spend extra money on lash shampoo. If that is the case, let them know that regular use of lash shampoo will extend the life of their lashes. They will be able to come in for appointments less frequently and will ultimately be saving money in the long run.

If they are interested in a lash shampoo, take time to go step-by-step through the process:



Apply one pump of shampoo to the back of your hand.


Using a small, soft makeup brush, pick up some shampoo and apply to your lash line and over your lid (with your eye closed).


Brush in a downward motion (not side to side), repeating with more foam until it comes up clean.


Gently rinse, then dab with a lint-free towel or let the lashes air dry.


After lashes have dried, use a mascara wand (in downward motions) to brush them back into place.

Finally, remind clients that their lashes should be cleaned daily. 

Speaking of lash cleansing, our best-selling Honey-Do Lash Shampoo is a soft and airy foam that:

It is available in individual bottles or in packs of 10. Clients love it so much that we keep selling out, so make sure to stock up when you can!

And remember, great lash retention = happy clients, so use summer weather and activities as a way to start the conversation with your clients about lash shampoo.

How do you talk to your clients about lash cleansing? Let us know in the comments below!

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