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Why You Should Offer Lash Lifts

  • 3 min read

Lash lifts have become a wildly popular service and for good reason! They are simple yet eye-catching and can enhance a client’s natural beauty for weeks. Read on to learn more about who makes a great lash lift candidate and why you should offer this amazing alternative to lash extensions.


What is a lash Lift?

A lash lift curls and lifts your client’s natural lashes by breaking down the hair’s bond and then restructuring it into a curled shape (similar to how a perm works, but a lot safer). The result? A beautiful curl with minimal maintenance! Assuming proper aftercare, lash lifts will last as long as the natural lash lasts - 8-10 weeks for most clients (perfect for busy bees!).

Who should get lash lifts?

Lash lifts are a perfect option for clients with active lifestyles, who prefer a more natural look, or who may not be a great fit for extensions. Clients who work out, sweat, or swim frequently typically struggle to maintain lash extensions, but a lash lift will give them the flexibility to do all of these things!

Clients who like to keep their makeup routines simple (i.e., the "no makeup" makeup look) often find the lash lift preferable over extensions, as nothing is added to their natural lashes aside from curl. Add on a lash tint, and they can even skip the process of applying and removing mascara! We love pairing our lash lifts with Belmacil lash tints, as well as the brand new Elleeplex Profusion tint line.

Finally, clients who aren’t a good fit for lash extensions often enjoy lash lifts. Some clients struggle with the time or money required to maintain a full set of extensions, while others are allergic to the cyanoacrylate used in lash extension adhesives. This one-hour appointment does not use cyanoacrylate, making it a suitable alternative for the most of these clients. Elleebana's Profusion Lash + Brow Lamination system is excellent to use with clients like this because the pH level is close to that of skin, making it an even gentler process in a shorter amount of time.

Note that as a lash artist, it is important to consider the client’s lash health before conducting any lash service. Clients with long, dense, and healthy natural lashes are the best candidates for lash lifts, though those with shorter (yet healthy) lashes will often still benefit. Pro tip: the natural lash should at least lay over the center of the rod or shield. We discourage lash lifts for clients who have damaged natural lashes.

How can lash lifts benefit my business?

Despite their relatively simple process, lash lifts have incredible income potential. Depending on your location and service environment, a lash lift can bring in anywhere from $50-$200 per appointment! Even better, the cost per service is low (typically between $10-$15, depending on exact products + disposables used), meaning the majority of this will become profit. You can easily add on a tint following the lift, boosting your income from this service even more.

Another benefit of adding lash lifts to your menu of services is the ability to maximize your schedule - the short service fits perfectly between lash extension fill and full set appointments!

If you’re not offering lash lifts today, we encourage you to explore their potential. They are a great alternative for clients desiring a lower-maintenance and natural look and for stylists looking to broaden their service offerings + boost their income!

Not sure where to start with Lash Lifts or which products to use? Read: Getting Started with Lash Lifts.

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