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Essentials Kit

All your pre- and post-lash extension application essentials in one convenient set! For optimal retention, our Pre-Treatment and Sting-Free Primer deep-clean your clients’ natural lashes. For quick-and-painless lash extension removal, our Bee Gone Gel Remover is perfect to usher out old lashes and make room for the new.

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This deep cleansing primer is perfect for removing buildup on clients who wear heavy makeup or have oily skin. Effortlessly remove makeup, dirt, and other residue left on eyelashes!  Our lash extension pre-treatment is a pH balanced formula that fully cleanses and prepares natural lashes for eyelash extension application.

Our sting-free lash extension primer is carefully formulated to ensure painless cleaning. This pH-balanced primer removes all dirt, makeup, and residue, fully cleansing and preparing natural lashes for eyelash extension application.

Bee Gone Lash Extension Gel Remover
Our Bee Gone gel remover quickly, easily, and painlessly removes extensions from natural lashes. This gentle yet powerful gel formula sits on the lashes without running into the eye or damaging natural lashes. 

PRIMER DIRECTIONS: For optimal lash adhesive bonding results, apply Pre-Treatmentprimer with lint-free applicators immediately after removing client's eye makeup with an eyelash extension friendly makeup remover. Dry lashes 5-10 seconds before repeating the above steps with the Sting-Free Primer.

REMOVER DIRECTIONS: Apply carefully using two flocked applicators, making sure none gets in the eye. Allow to sit for at least 1 minute before using the applicators to gently work the extensions off the natural lashes.  

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