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Elleebana Precision Lifter Tool

To perform the perfect lash lift treatment for your clients, you need the right tools! The Elleebana Precision Lifter tool was designed with superior workmanship and showcases 16 fine-tooth Japanese stainless-steel combs to allow for meticulous separation of all lashes, including even fine lashes.

The capability of more defined layer separation is achievable due to the deeper set grooves with the luxury combing tool. Paired with an elegant handle and dual-purpose precision isolator, this intelligent tool is cleverly balanced to give lash artists comfort and control.

Product features:

  • Super fine tip — perfect for isolating individual lashes
  • Tapered design — makes it comfortable for the beauty professional to hold
  • Reusable — sanitizable for reuse on many clients

The Elleebana Precision Lifter tool is an absolute must-have instrument when performing lash lift or perm treatments.

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