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Single-Length L+ Curl Lashes


Amplify your artistry with our collection of specialty curls! Boost texture, craft a flick that's sharp as a knife, or add an extra punch of personality with these unique curls. Mix + match specialty curls within a set for maximum texture.  These curls were designed for the artist who's always pushing boundaries. 

Discover the L+ Curl: The OG specialty curl! Features a straight base that turns into a C curl from the midsection to the tip. Perfect for clients who need a straight base (hooded lids, ultra-straight naturals, etc.) but who also want a standard curl.

Need more L+ Curl Lashes? - Check out our L+ Curl Collection!

Mix the L+ curl with others from our specialty collection to craft a set with maximum texture.  

Like all of our lashes, the specialty curl collection features:

  • Deep black with a matte finish 
  • Double heat processing for long-lasting curl that won't relax over time
  • Foil backing makes changing lash strips easy - no residue!
  • 16 rows of lashes in sizes 7mm-14mm

Select your desired curl and diameter to take your artistry to the next level. 

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