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Staying Motivated Post-Holidays

  • 4 min read

From the time the turkey’s plated until the ball drops, lash artists everywhere have powered through yet another busy season. They have managed months of anticipating the rush and lashing through said rush, not to mention their own holiday plans, for it all to come to an abrupt halt. As anti-climatic as January may be, it can be daunting for lash artists knowing the slow season will now be rearing its ugly head. Post-holiday blues are entirely natural; the shorter days and decrease in holiday excitement can make anyone feel low. To recover your energy and return to normalcy, you’ll have to look forward and make moves that benefit YOU. As the saying goes, it’s hard to fill a cup from an empty pitcher.

If you’re a lash artist having difficulty adjusting post-holiday, we, fortunately, have a few suggestions to help you tackle the new year like the Queen Bee you are!


Boost Your Book Smarts:

To keep a fresh mind and be ahead of the lash game, seek more lash certifications or classes. You could broaden your skills beyond lash extensions to other lucrative services that make sense for your client base, like lash lifts or brow services. That’s the beauty of this industry; it’s constantly evolving and has endless educational opportunities. As lash artists, it’s our duty and in our best interest to stay updated on lash trends. Pursuing more education gives you a chance to acquire new talents that can help you reach goals that elevate you to that next-level artist.


Get a "Space-Lift":

Salon interiors need constant updating that flows with the present times. When possible, spruce up and rearrange your workspace or add a few things to your decor or workstation. This minor “facelift” will help to create newness in your lashing environment as well as heighten your spirits. Both you and your clients will surely notice the change in a positive way. Cleanliness is the closest thing to godliness, so now is the perfect time to do a deep clean from top to bottom. Remember that your space is also a reflection of your personality, so put your salon’s best “face” forward.


Stay on Track:

Mastering your organizational skills is just as valuable as mastering your lashing ones. You’re ultimately losing money when you lose track of your inventory. By using this slower time to nail down an inventory system that works for you, you can put a plan in place to always ensure you never run out of product, don’t overspend, and keep clutter at a minimum. Labeling storage containers, lash trays, and other items like disposables can be highly beneficial. Take note of supplies you need backups of, like popular lash curls + lengths and tweezers. Mark items like your adhesives, primers, and bonders with their expiration dates, and make sure to toss any products that may be expired; when in doubt, throw it out! Not only will these methods save you money, but they are extreme time-savers, as well.


Come Together:

Let loose and plan a fun group event, dinner, or Happy Hour with your staff or fellow lash besties to catch up, relax, and commiserate. While you build bonds with other lash artists, cosmetologists, and estheticians, you will notice a positive increase in your mood and productivity. Bonding helps you feel more connected because scientifically, it’s a vital human need, like food, water, and shelter. Spending time with peers who support you gives you a sense of belonging and allows you to be your authentic self. Meeting up outside of a work environment is a time to collectively release tension, celebrate one another’s successes, and most importantly, have fun!


Say Bon Voyage:

Taking time off from work is a considerable step in destressing and can be a huge motivator. Revive the excitement of anticipation by scheduling a minimum week-long trip away from home for a projected date. Although January is an ideal time to take a trip, preparation is critical as we all know the struggle of taking time off as a lash artist. You can give your clients a heads up and schedule their lash fills accordingly by booking in advance. Naturally, budgets play a big part in planning a vacation, but physically being away from your home or salon will help you clear your head and genuinely relax. Think out of sight, out of mind! By deliberately planning your vacation, you will maximize the benefits that come along with a getaway. It’s your time, so don’t be afraid to use that “do not disturb” function on your phone.


Take Care of Yourself:

Ironically, being in the self-care industry often leads to us neglecting our own. Organize your thoughts and follow up by setting an intention for the day. Include things like eating healthy, getting your steps in, and whatever else you would personally define as a success. Tap into your feelings, and don’t ignore signals from your body and mind. Bounce back to your regular exercise routine, or start one if you didn’t have one before. Keep up with your hair, nails, and makeup while dressing up when servicing clients to boost self-confidence. You would be surprised how much these little things can improve your quality of life.

You owe it to yourself to take it easy, focus on your health, and do your best to keep a positive frame of mind. Be proud of yourself that you’ve made it through another unpredictable year. Adjust your crown, and never forget that you are AWESOME!

Have additional tips for lash artists to get back into the groove in the New Year? We’d love to hear them! Please shoot us an email at

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