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Everything You Need to Know About the M Curl

  • 2 min read

M curl - the new star of the lash industry. It’s all the rage right now, but what exactly is so unique and how can it best be styled? We’ve got you covered; keep reading to learn more!

What is the M curl?

The M curl offers the perfect combination of qualities we love in other curls! It has a straight base similar to the L+ with a softer transition to a C curl throughout the mid-body. It straightens out a bit toward the tip, rather than continuing to curl back like the C curl does. End result: a buzz-worthy statement look!

Who should you use the M curl on?

The M curl looks gorgeous on practically everyone! You’ll find that it works especially well for most clients with straighter lashes, as the straight base allows for better adherence (i.e., better retention!), but don’t limit yourself only to these clients.

When should you not use the M curl?

We wouldn’t recommend the M curl for clients with very downward-pointing natural lashes. With the straighter base, it can be more likely to tangle in their bottom lashes and may close off their eye.

Styling tips:

The M curl is gorgeous on its own or mixed with other curls like C or CC for extra texture and dimension. Play around with mixing lengths and curls in a single section to turn the texture up even more.

Get clients excited about it by chatting it up at their next appointments! Show them the diagram to demonstrate just how unique it is.

There are so many possibilities with the M curl. We’d love to see your sets using it - tag us on Instagram @LashBeePro for a chance to be featured!

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