Best Eyelash Extensions For Client’s Eye Shape

Posted on June 09 2018

Best Eyelash Extensions For Client’s Eye Shape

Figuring out the right eyelash extensions for your client’s eye shape is no easy task — each face and pair of eyes is as unique as a piece of DNA, and so are each client's lash extension needs!

We know how complicated it can be, so we’re here to make the process of selecting the best curl and shape a tad easier. The following breakdown covers the basics of which lash curls and lengths look best for each eye shape.

1. Hooded eyes/monolids

Monolids or hooded eyes are eyelids sans a crease. Depending on the size of the hood, the lashline can disappear under the lid.

Clients with monolids will generally have straighter lashes. For them, opt for a more dramatically curled lash, such as an L or L+. With their flat base and substantial curl, these extensions will pop open the eyes by peeking through the otherwise heavy lash line without weighing down natural eyelashes.

2. Almond eyes


The most common eye shape, almond-shaped eyes benefit most from either an open eye or cat eye. (Almond-eyed clients are almost always searching for ways to make eyes look bigger.)

Extensions applied to the middle of the eye will open up almond eyes for a brighter, more alert and wide-awake look. Some clients may want to elongate their natural shape (almond eyes are twice as long as they are tall); for these clients, a cat eye is the best option. A standard C or D curl will be best to start off with — as the stylist, an almond-eyed client is a chance to flex your creative muscles!

A classic set can help create a more enhanced, natural look, while a Russian volume set will give clients preparing for fancier events that elusive “pizzazz”.

3. Big eyes / round eyes


Round eyes have the “gift” of seeming more open and bright than other eye shapes, but without proper assessment of the extension receiver’s face, the client can end up looking with the longest lash length set closer to the outer eyes will help elongate the eyes, creating the illusion of an almond eye shape.

A standard B or C curl should suffice to obtain this look for round-eyed clients.

4. Deep set eyes

(photo creds to our very own senior lash stylist Dana DeMarco! follow her on Instagram @justthegloss)

Clients with deep-set eyes will need longer, straighter eyelash extensions (a more dramatic curl will likely appear too “fake” or overdone). A standard, longer J curl for a lighter full set, in place of an extreme set, should do the trick to achieve the appearance of more open, alert eyes. L or L+ can create a beautiful effect for these eyes too!

5. Downturned eyes

(photo creds to our very own senior lash stylist Dana DeMarco! follow her on Instagram @justthegloss)

A client with downturned eyes (think Taylor Swift’s and Jennifer Aniston’s “shelf” eyes) will have their corners slanted downward rather than toward the middle or upward.

This type of eye will benefit most from a voluminous, lovely cat eye. These will “lift” up the eye, balancing the shape out more to craft the illusion of more open, larger and brighter eyes.

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  • Anjali: September 24, 2018

    Hi Nia! I’m one of the owners of LashBeePro. If you want them to look even more round, we suggest continuing with the “doe” eye styling of longest in the middle, tapering out at the ends. A C or CC curl will also help open the eye.

  • Nia: September 19, 2018

    I have round eyes. I think. What if you want to make them look round still? I like the round look

  • Nia: September 19, 2018

    Great blog, you helped me understand the complex world of eyelash extesnions. I have round eyes. I think. What if you want them to look round?

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