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The Ultimate Guide to LashBeePro Adhesives

  • 4 min read

From dry times to storage tips, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about our adhesives - continue reading to learn more!

We’ve got four pots of honey:Advanced, Flexible, Low Humidity, and High Humidity. Let’s break these down a bit more to better understand their best uses:

(Refer to the chart below for a summary of humidity levels + dry times)















Our Advanced Adhesive is our fastest-drying yet, perfect for the seasoned pro. It dries in 1-2 seconds and is most effective in 40-60% humidity.



New to lashing? The Flex might be perfect for you with its dry time of 3-5 seconds - plenty of time to hone in on your placement! The Flex is most effective in 40-60% humidity.


High Humidity:

Beat the summer heat + keep your client’s retention on point with our newest pot of honey: the High Humidity Adhesive! Perfectly formulated to withstand the hottest of days. This adhesive is specially formulated for 60%+ humidity and has a dry time of 1-2 seconds.


Low Humidity:

Your saving grace for the colder months or dry climates! Our Low Humidity Adhesive is specially formulated to operate perfectly in 20-40% humidity. While it dries a bit slower than our Advanced in 2-3 seconds, it’ll still give you an ultra-strong bond.

Tips for LBP Adhesives:

Let’s dive into tips + tricks for getting the most out of our adhesives!


Lashing Spaces + Lashing Time:

When it comes to adhesive, you want to select the correct one for your own lashing environment and lashing speed. Get a hygrometer to measure the humidity in your space and only seek out those formulated to work in that specific range.

Likewise, it’s essential to select an adhesive with a dry time that works for your current speed. If you’re using an adhesive that dries in 1 second but you take 3 seconds to place a lash, your lash bonds will suffer. It’s better to use adhesive that dries in the time you personally take to place. When you find yourself holding extensions in place an extra second after placement, you’ll know it’s time to switch to a faster drying adhesive! We also recommend trying a retention bond-booster or nanomister to help speed up the bonding process.

Remember that adhesives are not one size fits all - do your own research before making your decision! Before ordering the first adhesive recommended to you on a Facebook group, check to ensure it’ll work in YOUR environment and with YOUR lashing speed. Just because an adhesive works perfectly for Cindy in Cincinnati doesn’t mean it will work perfectly for you. We recommend doing some basic research into the cyanoacrylate molecules that create lash adhesives so that you're fully informed when making purchases!

Proper Storage + Care:

With proper adhesive use comes proper storage. Your adhesive must be taken care of properly to get the most out of it for as long as possible.

Prior to opening, you can store your adhesive in the freezer - not the refrigerator - for up to 6 months or in a cool, dry place. Just make sure to let it fully get back to room temperature before opening it for the first time (this usually takes about 2 hours). After opening, keep it at room temperature, ideally stored upright in an airtight container. Make sure your space stays at room temperature overnight - all too often rooms heat up when the AC is turned off in the summer, causing the adhesive to turn! Don’t put it back in the freezer or refrigerator, as this can cause condensation to form inside.

When working with your adhesive, shake for a full 30-60 seconds before using to let all of the components come back together after sitting and separating. Consider purchasing a nail polish shaker (inexpensive options are available on Amazon) to save you some prep time in the morning - simply turn on the machine and let it do its magic while you prep for your first client!

After use, always burp the bottle and fully wipe the nozzle to prevent the cap from getting stuck. Close tightly to ensure no air gets in. Replace after a maximum of 5 weeks, but more frequently if you lash as a full-time job or share the bottle with another artist. Air sneaks in every time you open and close the bottle - the last thing you want is to be doing complimentary fills or fighting bad reviews because you hadn’t changed your adhesive quickly enough!

Lastly, don't forget that robust lash cleansing routines are a key part of maintaining all the hard work you and your little pots of honey are doing! Make proper aftercare education a regular part of each appointment, whether it's for a first-time client seeking a full set or a years-long regular you see every couple of weeks.

We hope this can be a resource for any adhesive questions you may have - if you have any more tips + tricks, comment below!


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