How to Handle Client Complaints

Posted on June 15 2018

How to Handle Client Complaints

When a client complains, you may instinctually begin to find the fault in their claims, but taking the necessary steps to deal with complaints could be what puts your business over the top. If you shift your paradigm about complaints, you and your clients can work in harmony.

Show You Care

Did you know that clients are more likely to leave a review of a negative experience than a positive one? Even one bad review can tarnish your rank on Google for weeks. Before, during, and after the lash styling process, be sure to make your client feel special and attended to. Offer them tea or snacks as they wait, continually check in on the client throughout the process, and be sure to say a pleasant goodbye.

By doing so, not only will clients be less likely to complain in the first place, they will also be more inclined to work with you through their problems. If they know their stylist is on their side from the beginning, they’ll see the issue as something to be solved as a team, rather than a fight between dueling parties.


Though sometimes presented in a rude manner, at the heart of every complaint is the desire to find a solution. Disregard the tone of the complaint and get to the meat of the issue so you can solve it! Ultimately as a service provider, the client’s satisfaction is your responsibility.

Most people want to be listened to and if you can provide that for them, you can just about guarantee loyalty. Next time a client comes to you with a problem, try to remove your ego from the situation and truly listen to them. After you have fully heard your client, take action!

Be A Problem Solver

No one should be a better advocate for your clients than you! When a client presents you with an issue they are experiencing, do what you can (within reason) to get it resolved as quickly as possible. If you become defensive with a client and insist that you are not in the wrong or responsible for the problem, you can say goodbye to future business with them.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a doormat, but you should aim to be a diplomat. For instance, if a client calls saying their lash lift is ruined and it is because they sat in a sauna 20 minutes after the appointment, do not viciously correct them. Instead, gently explain why the lift failed and offer to book them for the soonest appropriate appointment.

If You Do Receive a Bad Review

Be proactive! Reach out to the client and determine what went wrong. If they were unsatisfied with the service, offer to redo the service for free. Alternatively you can create an exchange that spans a period of time. For instance, you could redo a client’s full set for free and then offer them fills at a discounted rate for the next 3 months.

Whether or not you’ve actually done something wrong, you’re going to get a complaint or two throughout your career as a lash stylist. However, if you follow the advice above, you can decrease the number of complaints and neutralize the negativity received from a client. Remember, happy clients make for a thriving business!

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