3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

Posted on September 21 2018

3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

LinkedIn has a reputation of being a confusing platform meant only for hyper professionals such as lawyers or bankers. Although that was the culture of the platform at first, it is now becoming as universal as Facebook. Here are stats from 2018 that show how LinkedIn has evolved: 13% of all millennials use LinkedIn, 44% of LinkedIn users earn more than $75,000 per year, and 250 million people are active daily users of LinkedIn*.


Develop Your Personal Brand

Personal brands are huge right now. If your business isn’t human, your customer base won’t grow at the highest rate possible. LinkedIn is a great way to amplify your voice and ensure that your message reaches people you don’t otherwise have access to.

LinkedIn is currently the platform with the most reach for individual posts, regardless of your number of connections. LinkedIn also provides awesome analytics about the demographics of users in your network or who have seen your posts. A profile filled with relevant posts is an excellent way to show what matters most to you and your brand.

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  • Build a Network of Customers
  • After advertising your business without spending a dime on marketing, you’ll be able to find and attract new customers in your area. LinkedIn is an extremely diverse platform, with users that range from students to entrepreneurs to CEOs of major companies.

    LinkedIn has a messaging system for people in and out of your network. You can reach out to professional women who could be interested in lash services. When you contact someone, they’ll be able to look through your profile and determine without too much work on your end whether or not they like what you are selling. Additionally, the potential client won’t be caught off guard with business proposals. LinkedIn is for professionals, so these are expected.

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  • Find Organizations to Collaborate With

  • LinkedIn is great for Business to Business (B2B) marketing! Because brands are represented both by the people who run them and a LinkedIn page, you have two points of contact for all organizations. Similar to clientele, organizations will not be caught off guard by a direct message about potential business.

    LinkedIn will give you access to organizations to collaborate with that you may not have thought of on your own. Even better, it could show you potential businesses or influencers that can help promote your salon services.




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