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5 Reasons to Become a Lash Artist

  • 3 min read


There are many reasons to become a lash artist! In the last five years, extensions have exploded in popularity both in the United States and globally, and this booming sector of the beauty industry isn’t going away anytime soon — there's plenty of opportunities to obtain new jobs as a lash stylist, making more money at your current position, or even starting your own lash business. And with good reason — clients love their thicker, fuller lashes, and lash artists love the ability to make a living for performing rewarding work on flexible schedules.

But those are far from the only reasons to take the plunge into the world of lashing. Read on for LashBeePro’s top 5 reasons to become a lash artist!



1) Flex your creativity and problem-solving skills!

As an artist, you'll have the chance to take a client's dream and shape it into reality. Each client will have unique desires and challenges that are totally up to you to reconcile as you see fit; you’ll be testing and honing your problem-solving skills every step of the way. By carefully noting your clients’ wants and needs, you are transforming an extension wearer’s face simply by offering them the illusion of permanent eyeliner (often crafted withflat lashes), larger eyes, fuller-yet-natural lashes, or even a slightly altered eye shape. You’re literally creating art — there’s a reason we call them lashartists!



2) Help clients be their best selves

Most people usually seek out professionals to change or enhance their appearance, whether through new hairstyles, makeup or clothing. Oftentimes, these ways of changing appearance are a way of making a statement. New hair colors, contoured cheekbones — these are bolder choices that allow individuals to express themselves to the world.

One of the advantages of lash extensions is that rather than physically transforming a person’s face, they serve to subtly yet distinctively enhance their wearers’ natural beauty. Many people want to feel more beautiful without drastically altering their appearance (often for professional reasons — think people who work in highly formal corporate environments). As a lash artist, you spend time consulting with each client about the type of look they want to achieve — whether it's full-on glam with volume or mega volume lashes or like they're wearing permanent mascara. Extensions are the perfect way to boost confidence in a low-key, understated manner.



3) Charge luxury prices for your work

Providing high quality lash extensions is a luxury service and is therefore priced accordingly for a quality job! A full classic set can be priced anywhere from $150 - $300; volume sets can be priced even higher. That’s without even mentioning the monthly fills that most clients will regularly obtain to maintain their lashes, which can cost $50+ for shorter sessions and over $100 for longer ones.



4) Increase / expand your existing client base

If you are already a practicing cosmetologist or esthetician, adding lash services to your book are an excellent way to market yourself as a jill-of-all-trades, expand the services you provide to your existing client base, and of course procure new clients. An esthetician at a medispa, for instance, can easily upsell her favorite facial clients on extensions. Meanwhile, salons that offer hair and makeup services can throw in extensions as part of wedding/bridal packages or prom specials (with parental permission, of course!).



5) Build relationships with beauty companies and experienced lash artists

When you train to become a lash artist, you will be learning from master stylists who are the best at what they do — and want to pass on that knowledge to new lash techs. Not only will you glean the requisite knowledge for lashing during your training, you’ll be forging professional relationships with these stylists and the companies, salons, and lash studios they work for. The perks of such early networking are boundless, including major lifetime discounts on lash products and tools, hiring preference, lifelong mentorship with your trainers, tips for professional marketing, social media, and photography skills, and more.

If you’re reading this article, that means you’re already considering taking the leap to become a stylist! We encourage you to check out our comprehensive classic and volume training options and reach out to us if you’re ready to embark on one of the most exciting journeys of your life.

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