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Lash Extensions v. Lash Lifts v. Lash Tints

  • 4 min read

Whether you’re a budding cosmetologist/esthetician looking to stand out on your resume or an established salon wondering how to add value to your menu, lash services are an excellent way to attract new customers and excite the old.

But what are the different lash offerings, and how do you decide which ones are best for your studio’s needs? Never fear, LashBeePro is here to help discern between the three most popular services: lash extensions, lash lifts, and lash tints.

Lash Extensions

What are they?

Eyelash extensions are exactly what they sound like — extensions that elongate your natural lash. The best extensions are made with synthetic mink, and look and feel just like real eyelashes; no heaviness, unlike strip lashes. Lash stylists are extensively trained in how to apply lash extensions, as it is a time-consuming process that takes lots of practice and skill development to get right! As a result, lash extensions generally come with heftier price tags than lash lifts and tints.

The lash stylist cleans and preps the client’s natural lashes. The stylist then dips each lash extension into a chemical adhesive, then carefully attaches it to each of the client’s individual natural lashes, thus literallyextending the length of the client’s lashes. These areclassic lash extensions, and the most common type of lash extensions.

Many clients also opt forvolumelash extensions, in which the lash artist attaches fans made of multiple lash extensions to each of the client’s natural lashes, orhybrid lash extensions, in which the lash artist attaches a single lash extension to some of the client’s lashes while attaching fans to others. Lash artists must undertake additional training to add volume and hybrid lashes to their books. This is usually at least one or two years after they have already mastered classic extensions. By this point, lash stylists are usually so good at classic sets that they can increase their prices.

How long do they take?

A fresh new full set of classic lash extensions takes about two hours to complete for practiced lash artists, and as long as 2.5-3 hours for newer artists. Hybrid and volume sets average about 2.5-3 hours per full set, and a little longer for novices to the craft.

How long do they last?

With meticulous daily aftercare, lash extensions usually last about as long as the natural lash’s lifespan (about 3-4 weeks). However, the visible natural lashes are often at varying stages of the life cycle, meaning that some extensions can begin falling out in as little as 2-3 days of application. Thus, it is important for clients who wish to maintain their extensions in tip-top shape to come in for regularfills to add replacement extensions where the initial ones have fallen out. Ideally, clients come in for these fills about every 1-2 weeks, at which point a 30- or 45-minute fill should suffice to get the client back to where they started. For clients who can’t return as often, salons usually offer 60-, 75-, and 90-minute fills.

Who are they for?

Lash extensions are for everyone! However, the high maintenance nature of extensions means that you’ll need to make sure to educate your clients on proper aftercare techniques, and provide them with the means to keep them up. Lash extensions are especially perfect for clients who really want to feel glamorous all day every day, and be able to go from work to hitting up the club without worrying about dealing with falsies.


Lash Lifts

What are they?

A lash lift uses a specialized process to restructure the bonded molecules in your client’s natural lashes to give them a just-curled, perkier shape — like a perm for your eyelashes! Lash lifts don’t add additional lashes, nor do they actually lengthen the natural lash or add volume. The curl and lift simply give the appearance of slightly longer, more voluminous lashes, as if the client is applying semi-permanent mascara.

How long do they take?

The whole process only takes about 30 minutes per client; the lash artist preps the client’s lashes with a deep cleansing or sting-free primer, then carefully applies the non-toxic solution as the client’s lashes are curled around a lash lift rod with a lift tool before leaving it to “soak” for 5-10 minutes and then a neutralizer for about 5 minutes.

How long do they last?

With proper aftercare, a lash lift should last for the whole lash cycle of 8-10 weeks. Clients don’t need to come in every 2-3 weeks for fills, which can add up to a ton of money over time to maintain.

Who are they best for?

Lash lifts are an excellent lash enhancement for clients who lead active lifestyles, are prone to perform aftercare routines less regularly, or don’t have the time or money to maintain their lashes every couple of weeks. They also serve as a great natural look for clients who don’t want or are unable to wear flashier looks at work.

Lash Tints

What are they?

Lash tints are often paired with lash lifts as a bonus add-on service. (A popular menu offering is lash tints at a discounted rate for clients who opt for lash lifts!) Lash tints utilize a cream- or vegetable-based semi-permanent dye to offer clients the health-boosting, darkening benefits of keratin mascara without actually having to apply it every day.

How long do they take?

The lash tech deep cleanses the lashes to remove impurities, mixes the dye, and then applies the dye with a special application brush before letting it sit for about 10-15 minutes. As with lash lifts, the whole process is approximately 30 minutes, though it may end up taking less time if paired with a lash lift and the client is already prepped from the lift!

How long do they last?

Tints don’t last quite as long, averaging about four weeks.

Who are they best for?

Lash tints work best for clients with blonde or otherwise light-colored natural lashes. The darkened tint leaves the effect of thicker, more voluminous lashes framing the eyes without actually having to add any. Clients with very pale features may want a more subtle darkening, for which stylists can use honey brown, light brown, or dark brown tints. Even for clients with naturally dark lashes, a lash tint adds the effect of slightly fuller, shinier lashes. Like lash lifts, lash tints are an excellent option for clients who are extremely busy, active, or intense aftercare routines.

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