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Sometimes, clients may feel like they understand everything in the moment. Keeping aftercare tips in mind or remembering a salon is offering new services seems easy enough, right? However, we've all been down the road of thinking we'll remember something and having it slip away as the day goes by.

What better way for clients to keep essential aftercare instructions in mind or remember to tell their friends their favorite beauty studio is now offering lash services than by literally handing them a reminder? Download and print out aftercare checklists, instructional cards, retention tips and more to keep handy or give to your clients.

The Do's + Don'ts of Aftercare

Refresh existing clients or educate new clients on the do's + don'ts of aftercare with this guide. It includes tips on which products to use and avoid, a quick breakdown of a proper lash cleansing routine, and how to sleep with lash extensions to deter crushing and fallout. (This is also a helpful guide to have on hand for when you're giving clients your aftercare spiel, particularly if you're a new lash artist!)

How to Wash Lash Extensions

Regular lash cleansing is the best thing clients can do for retention! Walk them through the basics with this step-by-step guide breaking down the details of lash cleansing. It includes details on using lash shampoos, as well as how to properly dry and brush lashes after cleansing.

Lash Artist + Client Retention Checklists

Great lash retention is the ultimate goal, but to achieve it, both you AND your clients must do your part. Give clients the lash retention checklist and keep the lash artist version handy for yourself to reference during appointments. Now you've got yourself a win-win! Clients will be more likely to follow aftercare instructions to the letter, and you won't have to (gently) chastise them for not following protocol. What better way to maintain a healthy long-term client relationship?

How To Clean Your Lashes Instructional Cards

TheseHow to Clean Your Lashes instructional cards are perfect to pop into aftercare kits or have available for clients to grab at checkout. The displayed photos may also help trigger clients' realization that they are missing some of the tools necessary to complete proper aftercare routines, such as cleansing brushes, an extra shampoo bottle, or reusable lash brush.

Lash Services Retail Cards

Work in a larger salon? Download these cards to print out and put up around the salon to notify clients about lash extension services. These will be especially helpful in getting your lash business booming if your current salon is not yet known for lash services. You may want to use similar templates to advertise other lash, brow, or bonus services in your studio as you expand your menu!

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