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21 Bonus Services to Offer with Lash Extensions at Your Salon/Studio

  • 9 min read

Even after you’ve established a thriving, successful lash business, there’s always room for more! Looking for ways to attract new clientele and maintain current ones? Read on for LashBeePro’s suggestions on additional services and value-adds you should consider adding to your lash studio’s book to wow your clients and keep boosting your revenue!

1. Lash Lifts

Essentially a perm for natural eyelashes, lash lifts are an excellent gateway to lash services! Lifts are a perfect way to introduce hesitant clients to their full beauty potential, with minimal commitment and less drastic visual changes. The whole process only takes about 30 minutes per client; the lash artist preps the client’s lashes with a deep cleansing to remove any makeup, then carefully applies the solution as the client’s lashes are curled around a rod with a water soluble adhesive. The artist then adds a lifting and setting lotion. After a gentle cleanse, the lashes are ready to go! The results last 6-8 weeks.

2. Lash Tints

One popular menu offering is lash tints at a discounted rate for clients who opt for lash lifts! Lash tints utilize a cream- or vegetable-based semi-permanent dye to offer clients the health-boosting, darkening benefits of keratin mascara without actually having to apply it every day. They’re particularly great for blonde clients or those with otherwise light-colored lashes.

3. Bottom Lash Extensions

Bottom lashes are generally thinner and shorter than upper lashes, and so are their extensions. The extra length and definition offered by bottom lash extensions can open up a client’s eyes, making them seem even larger and more dramatic without looking “fake”.

Bottom lashes also reduce the risk of a potential imbalance from only obtaining upper lashes, particularly when paired with eye makeup. Additionally, bottom lashes help slim the face — and who doesn’t love an effortless contour without the hassle of a 40-minute makeup routine?

It takes much less time to attach lower lashes than it does upper lashes (normally half an hour), as there is rarely any reason to attach extensions to each individual eyelash. Simply adding 40-50 lashes to the bottom row can be enough. This is good news for clients, as they can often request bottom lashes within their usual appointment time without adding too much more time.

4. Color Lash Extensions

Yes, these exist! Whether you’ve got a bold client wanting a full set of pink lashes or a few blue or purple ones thrown in to match their funky highlights, colored lash extensions are an awesome way to flex your creativity as a lash artist and spice up your client’s usual lash look. During consultations, ask clients why they’re getting these lashes. If they’re going to a costume party or anticipating doing a wild makeup look, offer colored lashes!

5. Brow Tints

Brow tinting is a super quick way to give clients perfectly shaped brows, putting extra money in your pocket at very little extra cost to you. With no daily upkeep required, henna brow tints are great for clients who need low-maintenance looks — think clients who come in wanting lash lifts or classic extensions only. Brow tints can be completed in as little time as it takes for a client to actually do her brows each morning. Just like with lash tints, clients can also get them in a wide variety of colors, such as blue-black or honey brown.

6. Brow Waxes

Have a client with too little time in her daily routine to shape her brows? Consider offering brow waxing services as well! Brow wax-and-tint combo packages are fairly common at most salons, and avery easy way to make even more extra cash with little risk or additional time per client.

7. Head/temple massages

Most of your clients likely juggle a ton of stress in their day-to-day lives. Many may even come in for lash services in the middle of their workday, meaning they’re stressing out internally over all the things they need to get done when they get back to their office or considering all the things they need to do when they get home. A great way to help these clients feel like they’re in a safe space where they can get away from it all is to offer a complimentary two- or three-minute head or temple massage just after you finish their services. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but a simple massage can be just the extra rejuvenation your client needs to tackle the rest of their day. It doesn’t cost you anything product-wise (unless you want to throw in some essential oils), and this above-and-beyond type of service will earn you great reviews, repeat clients, and of course new clients once they spread the word!

8. Makeup services

If you’re already creating incredible new looks for your clients with lash extensions, why not go all the way? Many clients obtain lash extensions or lash services with specific special events in mind, such as weddings or birthday parties. Offering full makeup services at your lash studio presents a unique opportunity to showcase your talents to your clients and keep them coming back. During the initial consultation, make sure to ask each client why they’re getting lashes — and then sell them on getting their makeup done with you as well!

If makeup isn’t your specialty, don’t worry. Consider adopting smaller, less intensive — but still highly valued — makeup skills as part of your repertoire, such as winged eyeliner or a perfect smoky shadow. Even such small touches can provide a base for your client to build the rest of their desired look off of, or open their imagination up to the infinite possibilities that come with getting their lashes done with you! The key is always making sure you have lash extension safe makeup for your lash clients.

9. Mini-facial

When doing lashes, consider adding two or three minutes prior to the start of the appointment to allow time for a “facial”. Offer to give clients a temple, cheekbone, or forehead massage before taping down collagen gel eye pads to ensure that clients wake up from their lash nap with a glowing, clear face!

10. Moisturizing treatments post-lashes

For clients with longer lash appointments — think the committed soldiers getting full volume or Russian volume sets! — a great way to show your appreciation for their patience is to freshen them up after their appointment. You can offer a full face-mask that is quickly hydrating. If you want a small perk, you can keep some gentle face moisturizer or lotion on hand to offer clients post-set! Clients will especially appreciate it in the dryer winter months or if your salon’s humidity settings are set to lower levels.

11. Hand massages

You may notice that some clients are a little more fidgety with their hands than others, particularly during long appointments. Most clients also probably work with their hands in some capacity, whether it’s typing away at a keyboard all day or performing for hands-on, physical activities (like lashing!). On the other hand, you may have some older clients who are more prone to experiencing arthritis and other joint issues. Consider offering these clients a quick hand massage to relax their fingers, wrists, and joints, and possibly even providing temporary pain relief! For clients who decline hand massages, you may want to think about keeping hand lotion, stress balls, or other stress-relieving hand tools for them to use for the duration of your appointment.

12. Shoulder massages

Those nearly three-hour-long mega-volume sets are no joke! Even the most athletic client in the most comfortably positioned lash bed may start experiencing discomfort from remaining in the same position after the first hour or two. If you are trained in massages, help clients adjust their posture and release tension with a shoulder massage. At the halfway point for your full sets, ask clients if they are open to receiving a quick one- or two-minute shoulder massage. Again, this doesn’t have to be anything fancy — and the break from handling tweezers for a couple of minutes will be good for you, too!

13. Aromatherapy/incense

To provide lash clients with that *chef’s kiss* spa experience, we recommend engaging in some aromatherapy in your studio! Use incense to envelope the studio with calm, relaxing scents, such as lavender or jasmine. For a more rejuvenating atmosphere, try such scents as lemon, peppermint, or rosemary. (Bonus: aromatherapy is usually strong enough to help cancel out smells of bleach or other sterilizing chemicals you may use to clean in between clients!). Try to avoid essential oil diffusers that can mess with lash retention. Adding a dab of essential oils is fine near the face but diffusers release the oil into the air!

14. Paraffin mask for hands/feet

These soothing, sticky-yet-moisturizing masks are slathered on like lotion, left for 20-30 minutes, and then simply peeled off! Consider offering these along with a hand massage for clients who desire soft, hydrated, and smooth hands or feet. Furthermore, paraffin masks may help ease joint or arthritis pain. Of course, since these masks are messy and time-consuming, you may want to make these masks part of your actual menu rather than a complimentary service.

15. Lip scrub/chapstick/mask

No matter the weather (but especially in winter and lower humidity lashing environments!) you can never go wrong with soft, kissable, moisturized lips! Keep a lip scrub or a few chapsticks handy for your clients at the end of each appointment. You can make a simple lip scrub out of sugar and honey, or buy a few pots of your fave to share the love.

16. Mani-pedi

For salon or studio owners with a nail license and more than one employee in the business, manicures and pedicures are an excellent way to keep clients in the “ecosystem”! Just like Apple makes life easier for consumers who own iPhones, Macs, and iPads, let clients see that their lives would be substantially easier if they obtain all of their beauty services and fulfill all their needs at one location. If you haven’t already, you may want to consider hiring one or two technicians who are skilled in providing nail services to help expand your lash business.

17. Waxing services

Waxing services are an excellent way to quickly help clients look and feel their best, at little cost to them! Providing lip, armpit, leg, and bikini wax services are an easy way to round out all of a client’s immediate beauty needs in one sitting. If you already offer brow waxing services, you already have most of the materials you need — you just need to get started, and you’ll be raking in extra cash in no time!

18. Relaxation with champagne

Provide a luxe, stress-free experience to clients by providing options above and beyond the usual water, tea, or coffee! Break out a glass of champagne or wine for your afternoon and evening clients to allow them to get their lashes done in complete relaxation after a stressful day at work. (Of course, we recommend a one- or two-glass maximum per client to reduce liabilities and messy situations for you!)

19. Sound therapy

Those clients we talked about earlier who are constantly stressed? Part of what can add to people’s stress levels is constant noise stimulation. How you incorporate sound therapy into your lash practice is up to you. You can simply play nature sounds instead of music in the studio to provide a more spa-like ambience while lashing. On the other hand, if it is within your studio’s means to do so, you may want to get serious and consider working with a licensed sound therapist to offer clients the opportunity to work on physical and mental healing in addition to obtaining fabulous lashes.

20. Nanomist spray

You’ve heard that nanomisters are a prime method for instantly curing adhesive bonds for lash extensions, particularly in dryer environments. But one of theother benefits of a nanomister? The client receives a cooling, refreshing mist on their face after a lengthy appointment. For those that don’t mind, offer them a longer spray on the lower half of the face, neck, and shoulders for a quick physical refresh before they hop out of the chair. Your summer clients will thank you before stepping back out into the unrelenting July heat!

21. Photobooth

All clients who feel good about their new lash looks want to document it as soon as they can, especially in this age of Instagram. If there is room in your lash studio, consider setting up a small photo booth where clients can go to take pictures of their brand new selves with great lighting. This doesn’t have to be anything crazy! Simply set aside a corner with a neutral background and a professional lamplight to allow clients to snap influencer-worthy photos fresh off the lash chair. Clients will appreciate this to no end, and you’ll get the additional benefit of increasing your likelihood of getting tagged and promoted for free on their socials!

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