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4 Looks to Light Up Your 4th of July

  • 2 min read

This Fourth of July, stun your friends and family with one of these fiery eye makeup looks! Below we’ll share our favorite styles for the holiday with everything from vibrantly colored glam looks to more understated and elegant styles. Here are four eye makeup styles that will take your 4th of July to the next level.

Subtly Unique

This gorgeous look is subtle, yet stunning. It is perfect for a quiet event with family and close friends. There’s nothing too flashy about this look, which features a nude, muted shadow, basic eyeliner, a touch of mascara, and natural-looking lashes. This is perfect for clients who receive lash lifts or lash tints, or opt to balance out their top lash extensions with bottom lashes for a subtler effect.

If you love being the center of attention, this is your 4th of July look! Any social butterfly with plans to torch the town this Independence Day should opt for this bright and bold eye makeup. This glam look is bold not only in color, but in lashes as well. This style works well with lash receivers sporting a volume lash set and a strong brow.

Va va volume! This striking blue eye shadow is complemented by beautifully done volume lashes. Not too overpowering if you prefer a less conspicuous look that is striking nonetheless. This is a great look to pair with blue, aqua, green, or purple lash extensions. For contrast, try orange-red Burnt Sienna or white lashes!

We couldn’t have a makeup trends article and not add some LashBee gold! Our last and favorite look is as mesmerizing as the fireworks you’ll see lighting up the night sky. The touch of glitter on your eye is super flexible, amping up a glamorous look or adding an extra bit of sparkle to classic or

flat lash extensions.

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