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Everything You Need to Know About Volume Lash Extensions

  • 3 min read

Volume lashes are all the rage! For many lash clients, classic extensions are no longer enough — many now want to upgrade to full, voluminous lashes.

And many lash stylists are hoping to capitalize on this trend. If you’re reading this, you probably are too...but you may have a few questions first! We’re here to break down the different types of volume lashes, the difference between handmade and pre-made fans, and even the benefits of adding volume lashes to your book.


What is Volume Lashing?


Russian volume lashing -- the original volume lash look -- was invented by Russian artists Olga Debronravova and Irina Levchuck. Russian volume is the art of bonding 3 or more (up to 5) individual lashes and attaching them to a single natural lash (referred to as 3D, 4D or 5D fans), with each extension 1-2 mm longer than the natural lash. The lash line also appears thicker and darker, as though the wearer is wearing eyeliner. We recommend not going longer than 12 mm, however, even if the client has natural lashes that could support these longer lengths. This is to avoid weighing down and breaking the natural lashes as they’re loaded up with fans crafted with multiple extensions.


American volume lashes are more “textured” and naturalistic, with staggered or slightly more uneven lashes. This look is slowly gaining traction among volume clients, as it achieves the desired fullness of traditional volume lashes while maintaining a more natural aesthetic.

Mega volume lashes are an advanced form of volume lashes, in which 6 or more super-fine lashes of 0.03 - 0.06 diameter are placed on each natural lash for “mega” voluminous lashes.

Mega volume lashes are similar in style to Russian lashes, though the extensions are often more than 2 mm longer than the natural lash. Artists who are already trained in Russian or American volume lashes can advance to mega volume.


Important to note is that each volume extension is much lighter than a classic lash extension. Volume lashing is just as safe for clients as classic extensions, assuming proper, careful application!


Benefits of Volume Lashing



Volume lashing allows clients with more sparse natural lashes to enjoy a fuller look by applying more than one extension to each natural lash. Volume extensions can be mixed with classics to create a more textured, yet still full set of lashes.

Volume lash clients tend to enjoy superior retention compared to classic lash clients. This is because the multiple lashes of a fan wrap themselves around the natural lash, increasing the area of the bonded surface.

Adding volume lashes to your book broadens the scope of your services, allowing you to further customize each set to an individual client while charging more money for an intensive, lengthy luxury lash service. This makes volume an especially excellent option for long-term clients who've been primarily getting classic sets, who are ready to up the ante on their everyday look!


A Note on Pre-Made Fans


Pre-made volume fans are a solid stepping stone for helping lash artists of all skill and experience levels to add volume to a client’s natural lashes. For lash artists just starting their volume journey, pre-mades are a great way to bridge the gap between classic lashes and the more advanced handmade volume fans immediately after taking a training course. For more information on these, see our blog post on everything you need to know about pre-made fans.

Want to upgrade your book? Check out our volume training courseshere! We congratulate you on taking the bold leap forward to making your clients’ dreams come true.

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