Lashes through the Decades

Posted on October 18 2017

Lashes through the Decades

At LashBee, we are amazed at how lash looks have evolved over the past few decades.

Here are some of our favorite lash looks:

  • Cat Eye

The 1950’s was known for the bold cat eye look followed with a bold lip to top it off.  The cat eye look was a trendsetter in the 50’s, and this look is still in style.

  • Long Bottom and Top Lashes

The 1960’s was notorious for the era’s long top and bottom lashes.  Although the lash looks today are not this extreme, women during this time let their lashes do all the talking for them. We can thank Twiggy for that.

  • Light and Subtle

The 1970’s lash looks really toned the drama down.  The 70’s emphasized a lighter, natural, and a more subtle look.  Cat eyes were not trending in this era.

  • Bold and Colorful

The 1980’s were all about bright colors.  The more colors around the eyes, the better.  Also, colored mascara was not uncommon during this time period.

  • Very Nude

The 1990’s was all about the heavy eyeliner and the nude lips.  The 90’s look focused on skinny brows and simple makeup.  Long lashes were not very popular at this time.

  • Shimmery and Light

In the 2000’s, shimmery eyeshadow and long lashes became a trend.  Light pink colors and a shimmery face was the look everyone wore.

  • Instagram Glam

The 2010’s turned special occasion makeup into everyday makeup. Today, in the 2010’s, our trendy look is all about contour and highlight, plump lips, thick brows, smokey eyes, and voluminous lashes. This look has become increasingly trendy due to our reliance on social media platforms such as Instagram.  Today, in 2017, we are all about looking glamorous wherever we go.


The different lash looks and makeup looks have changed tremendously over these decades. Each decade had a distinct trend and personality. We can’t wait to see what the 2020’s will bring. We are certain that lashes will always be in style!

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