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Why Lash Artists Should Add Brow Tinting Services to Their Menus

  • 2 min read

At LashBee, we love full, defined brows. Right now throwing on a brow pencil or gel, which is fantastic, easily attains the chic look. Unfortunately, with a working woman's busy schedule, applying and removing brow makeup can oftentimes be a chore. Thankfully, there is a solution for your clients' brow makeup woes and that solution is a brow tint! Brow tinting is a super quick and popular service, which gives clients effortlessly perfect brows and puts extra money in your pocket at very little extra cost to you. No daily upkeep is required, resulting in a streamlined morning routine with no fear of smudging!

Brow tinting can be done in the same amount of time it takes to fill your brows in the morning, with longer lasting results. The service starts with a quick consultation with the client to assess their desires and needs. The vegetable-based dye is then custom-mixed to match your perfect color, whether that's black, dark brown, light brown, honey brown, auburn, or even graphite. You can even go crazy with awesomely wild colors like violet or blue-black! The skin around your brows is primed with a skin protectant to prevent staining and the color is applied. It usually doesn't take long for the hairs to take on color. The color will sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Then the tint is removed and your skin is rinsed clean, leaving behind a rich color that lasts! The color will last on your hair for about a month, then you'll be ready to refresh your color.

Brow tints — whether through traditional brow tints or henna tints — are a great option if you are growing your brows out as well. There are fine hairs in the brow area that pick up the tint which reveals more hairs you may not have been able to previously see before. Voila, now you are one step closer to the fuller brows you want! Tinting isn't just a great option for growing in brows but for practically everyone. Having a slightly darker brow area adds defined structure to the face and enhances your eyes.

Case in point, brow tints are truly a universal beauty service; there is an option for everyone.

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