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Say Goodbye to 9 Myths about Lash Extensions!

  • 3 min read

There are plenty of lash extension myths buzzing around and it is time to clear the air! LashBee believes that clients should be as educated as possible about their eyelash extensions. The LashBee-Hive has put together a list of common myths we hear daily.

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Myth 1: Wearing lash extensions will cause your natural lashes to fall out.

LashBee: The truth is, we lose one to four lashes per day. When lash extensions are properly applied, the lash extension should shed with your natural lash!

Myth 2: Lash extensions prevent your natural lashes from growing back.

LashBee: As long as lash extensions are properly taken care of, the natural lashes will be safe. This means clients must make sure that they are keeping their lashes clean. At the end of every LashBee lash service, clients receive a complimentary aftercare kit with a lash shampoo that helps keep your lashes looking squeaky clean.  We recommend cleansing daily to keep oils from breaking down the adhesive bond.

Myth 3: The lash extension application process is painful.

LashBee: It should NEVER be painful! With a trained professional, you should barely feel anything more than a light touch to your lashes. Here at LashBee, we make sure our clients are comfortable and relaxed. Our clients are treated to comfortable beds, calming music, and cool collagen-infused gel pads. Not to mention, our clients’ eyes are closed the entire time. Our lash extension application process is completely pain-free!

Myth 4: Lash extensions make your natural lashes shorter and finer.

LashBee: If lashes are applied improperly, damage is possible. Poor application can cause natural lashes to weaken and fall out. Our biggest concern here at LashBee is safety. We guarantee beautiful and safe lashes for every client.

Myth 5: You must periodically take breaks from lash extensions.

LashBee: If your lashes were properly applied, you should not need to take a break! If you did happen to have a previous lash tech who caused damage, we do recommend regrowing your natural lashes with a growth serum. Try Elleeplex ReGEN, a best-selling serum that we retail here at LashBee!

Myth 6: You can apply lash extensions by yourself.

We use a medical-grade high-intensity adhesive to make the lashes last as long as they do! It is not safe for someone to use such a strong adhesive on themselves. At LashBee, we wear magnifying glasses to make sure we see every lash clearly and have no chance of glueing the eye together. We always recommend trusting a trained technician!

Myth 7: Lash extensions do not hold up well in hot and humid weather.

LashBee: That’s technically a myth, but there is some truth behind it. The truth is, the first twenty-four hours are vital to a fresh set of lash extensions. Excessive humidity during the first twenty four hours of a lash extension service could break down the adhesive and cause the lashes to fall out. Once the lash extensions have been on for more than twenty-four hours and the adhesive is fully cured, they should be fine. There are plenty of tools you can use to help with this, such as bond-boosters like our Retention Queen and nanomisters! So plan ahead and get your lashes filled at least twenty four hours before you leave on any tropical vacays!

Myth 8: Eyelash serum can’t be used while wearing lash extensions.

LashBee: Some serums might have certain oils in them which break down the lash extension adhesive. However, at LashBee we carry Elleeplex, and it is completely safe to use with lash extensions. In fact, we highly encourage it!

Myth 9: Removing lashes will cause damage to natural lashes.

LashBee: Never try to remove semi-permanent lash extensions on your own! Either let them fall out naturally (the last lash will likely fall out six to eight weeks after the initial application) or come in to have them professionally removed. We have special lash extension removers that quickly and safely break down the adhesive. After a few minutes, your lash extensions will slide right off. Your eyes will be shut throughout the process.  


As long as you make sure to see a trusted and well-trained LashBee lash technician, you will never experience any harm to your natural lashes!

Until next time,

The LashBee Hive

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