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7 Hand Stretches for Lash Stylists to Prevent Injury

  • 2 min read

In order to have a long career as a lash stylist, you have to take care of your body and mind — especially when you're working crazy hours and long days during busy times of year. That means doing stretches, taking breaks, and listening to what your body tells you.

Below are LashBeePro’s favorite stretches for lash stylists!

As a lash stylist, you need your hands to produce the high quality work that your clients have come to know and love. However, working with tweezers all day can lead to long term difficulty with your hands if you don’t take the time to properly stretch them out.

Here are some great stretches to work on your wrists:

Piano; Reverse Piano

Touch the tip of each of your fingers the the pad of your thumb in both directions.  

Stretch each finger out individually.

Extend your arm fully, and force your wrist down (like you’re flashing a ring for a photo). Do the same with your hand in a fist.

Cup to starfish

Massage your hand

Then interlock your fingers and push your palms outward, and finish by circling your wrists.

The thumb is 42% of all function in your hand, so you want to keep it healthy!

Place your thumb and pointer finger under the knuckle of your opposite thumb and push up gently.

Finally, take the time to shake out your hands and fingers for about a minute every 2-3 hours, if not more frequently. Ideally, we recommend doing so every time you brush out your clients' lashes during application!

In addition to taking care of your hands and wrists, you need to take the steps to protect your neck and back. Be sure that your stool is the proper height relative to your client bed, as prolonged strain on your neck can lead to serious spinal problems in the future (not to mention leaving you sore). Make sure your salon lighting is bright enough that you don't need to squint or bend anymore than absolutely necessary.

When working on clients, you want to look out and over, rather than straight down. In addition, try to avoid slouching while working because it promotes bad posture and can reshape your spine after a long period of time.

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