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We know the holidays hit you fast. We’ve curated a list of our favorite blogs to help you feel 110% prepared for the rush ahead!
  • 1 min read
Access FREE resources for you and your clients! Download and print out aftercare checklists, instructional cards, retention tips and more to keep handy or give to your clients.
  • 2 min read
Selling retail products in your lash salon is an excellent way to make extra money on top lash and salon services. The key to successful salesmanship goes beyond just buying items, throwing them on a shelf, and keeping fingers crossed that your next lash client will buy them. Become the queen of sales with our top advice on how to set yourself up for retail success!
  • 9 min read
1. Type of employment, whether your lash artists will be full-time, part-time, at-will, employee or independent contractor. 2. Employee job title and description. 3. Compensation and pay structure. 4. Arbitration clauses. 5. Noncompete clauses (if permitted in your state).
  • 4 min read
1. Become a lash artist at your own pace. 2. There's no geographical or travel restrictions. 3. Choose the best lash training for you, rather than the one that's closest to you. 4. Become a lash tech whenever you want. 5. Test your adhesive environment and humidity levels in real time. 6. Figure out the best lash tools and tweezers for you. 7. Get personalized feedback from master lash stylists.
  • 8 min read
So you want to start a home lash extension studio! Kudos to you for taking the plunge to start your own business! But before you get started (or to help perfect the one you’ve already opened), learn the 12 ways to help your home studio compete with the best of the best.
  • 6 min read
An amazing lash experience is just as much about the ambience as it is about the full set! Your studio decor can have a major impact on your clients’ experience. Don’t underestimate the power of a chic color scheme and Instagrammable interior design. But if design isn’t your thing, follow these 12 Tips for Decorating Your Studio Like a Pro.
  • 5 min read
Develop a distinct brand and aesthetic. Use strategic lash menu pricing. Keep up with trends in the lash industry, and add new, luxe services to your salon book. Maintain a strong, empathetic studio employee culture. Network with lash professionals in your area. Retail aftercare kits, items, and swag according to demand. Maintain a sense of exclusivity.
  • 8 min read
1. Offer competitive pay and benefits. 2. Allow employees to be themselves and express their creativity. 3. Recruit on-campus and gain access to email listservs. 4. Host lash set competitions to bring the best lash artists to your doorstep. 5. Invite cosmetology students and lash techs for tours. 6. Use LinkedIn to reach out to candidates. 7. Consider implementing internships in your salon.
  • 15 min read
Lash lifts, tints, and brow services each requires a bit of TLC after your client leaves your studio. Let's review the various aftercare options available in the Elleebana family.
  • 3 min read
Lash lifts and brow laminations seem to be all the buzz lately. Elleebana, a lash and brow beauty leader, has formulated a gentle system that lash artists can use in both areas. Profusion Lash and Brow Lamination is a complete game-changer that cuts down your processing time and allows you to get two services from one product!
  • 3 min read
Do your clients want fuller brows but are too scared of the commitment that comes with permanent makeup? Do they have sparse, over-tweezed brows or are they still recovering from a nightmare waxing experience? Introduce them to henna brows!
  • 4 min read

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