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19 Benefits of Taking an Online Lash Training — Whether Classic, Volume, or Both!

  • 8 min read

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual learning is starting to become the norm in industries all over the world. The lash industry is no different. In recent months, however, we’ve started to realize that there are several pros to online lash training. What started out as a way to adapt to current events is now becoming a permanent norm!

Unsure whether getting lash certified online is right for you? Read on to learn 19 benefits of taking an online lash extension training.

1. Learn at your own pace.

Once you pay for the course, many online lash training programs offer you access to the course for a full year or more after purchasing. This means that you can progress through the course at your own pace, taking the time to review concepts you don’t quite understand the first time around, or keep practicing certain techniques until you’re ready!

2. No geographical restrictions or travel required.

In the past, trainees not only paid large sums of money to receive their certification, but had to travel to the learning site — if they were lucky enough to be close to one. Travel and hotel costs served as an additional burden.

With online lash trainings, none of these issues need to hamper you from achieving your training goals! Even if you live thousands of miles away from the nearest lash training, you can still obtain your certification without leaving your home or having to spend precious time and money on transportation, food, and accommodations.

3. You have the luxury of choice.

In-person lash courses are also limited in geographic scope. Prior to the availability of online trainings, artists couldn’t train with whoever they wanted — usually, time and financial constraints prevented trainees from obtaining the best possible education for their needs. Now, if a California resident is unhappy with their local training options and wishes to receive their certification from LashBeePro, they can do so without traveling to Philadelphia or going with a more convenient course nearby that doesn’t fulfill their requirements. Online training options open up a world of possibilities and choices!

4. Become a lash artistwhenever you want!

Back when in-person lash courses were the primary vehicle to becoming a lash artist, most lash companies only offered them a limited number of times a year. This meant that prospective lash techs had to force their schedules and life plans to fit around other companies’ schedules. With online trainings, all you have to do is buy your desired course — and complete it whenever you have free time!

5. Test & learn your adhesive environment in real time.

You’ll learn all about the science behind lash adhesives (the specialized glues that you use to attach lash extensions to natural eyelashes) and the cyanoacrylate molecules that make them up. You’ll also learn how they interact with different air qualities and humidity levels, how these affect your lashing, and what types of adhesives to buy for your lash studio’s unique environment.

Usually, when you attend in-person trainings, you practice application with adhesives in the specific classroom environment you’re in. However, the flexibility of an online course allows you to learn to lash in whatever environment you wish! Planning on offering lash services in the salon you already work in? Take advantage of the remote nature of the course and figure out your studio’s humidity levels and the best adhesive for it — all before you’ve even graduated the class!

6. Take time to figure out the best lash tools for you!

The length and flexibility of an online course provides you with the requisite time and space you need to really get to know lash tools and how they feel inyourhands! You have plenty of time to test out various tweezers and adhesives. You can even go back to modules you’ve already completed and practice isolation and application with different kinds of tweezers. This gifts students with all the time they need to get comfortable with tweezers and tools before they’ve even graduated the course!

7. Ability to ask questions.

With LBP’s online training, students obtain one-on-one feedback from the course instructor once a month as they make their way through the courses! The best online trainings offer virtual “office hours” or time with an advanced instructor at the top of their game to answer any questions or concerns that may arise while you’re making your way through the modules. These should be offered around the same time each month, so that you can drop in and out with questions as needed.

8. More opportunities for networking.

Since you’ll be going through the course at your own pace rather than in a rushed one- or two-day in-person group setting, you’ll have more opportunities over a longer period of time to interact with one or more instructors through office hours and virtual communications. Not only will you learn everything you need to become a lash tech, you’ll bond and establish a professional relationship with your instructors, as well as the companies and lash studios they work with!

The advantages of such early networking are infinite, including major lifetime discounts on lash products and tools, hiring preference, lifelong mentorship with your trainers, their personal tips for professional marketing, social media, and photography skills, and more.

9. Get help whenever you want it!

As you progress through the training, you’ll receive ongoing feedback to ensure you receive the education you need to thrive as a lash artist. However, the best online trainings go one step further and make their instructors available to you via email as well! Trainees should be able to email course instructors anytime to ask for help or clarification on anything they’re struggling with.

10. Individualized guidance.

A great online lash course will work around you and your skill levels. This doesn’t mean that your trainers will dumb down or fluff up their curricula. Rather, it simply means they’ll tailor the material to your specific needs. Already trained in lashes but need a refresher on isolation techniques or client retention? Your trainers should take the time to ask you your pain points or what you’re hoping to get out of the course, and act accordingly. You are no longer competing for the attention of everyone else in the class within a constrained amount of time.

11. Never forget a single thing you learn.

Unlike an in-person training in which you have to scramble to take notes, the beauty of an online course is that all instructive and educational videos are recorded and available to you 24/7! Concerned you weren’t paying enough attention while learning how to troubleshoot problem lashes or how to create fans for volume lashes? No worries — just rewind the video, or go back and rewatch it when you have time!

12. Practice, practice, practice!

Take breaks in your progress to hone in on specific techniques that are giving you trouble and become a true master at lashing! Rather than walking out of a one- or two-day training feeling like you’re still a true beginner, you can take your sweet time with various modules until you’re an expert. You only have to take the final Mastery Exam when you feel you’re as ready as you can be.

13. Forge long-term relationships with a professional lash company.

When you graduate from an online lash training course, you’re not starting from scratch. If you take advantage of monthly office hours and opportunities for individualized feedback, you’ll graduate your course having already spent hours time interacting and working individually with that company’s trainers. This means they’ll know who you are and will remember you as their stellar, hardworking student for years to come!

Additionally, an online lash training from the best lash companies should mean you receive major lifetime discounts on their products. You’ve likely already spent time familiarizing yourself with that company’s lash products and which tweezers, tools, adhesives, or prep liquids work best for your environment. Hey, look at that — an entire lash company’s got your back before you’ve even started your career!

14. Work around your schedule.

Normally with in-person trainings, prospective lash artists need to take a minimum of one or two days out of their busy schedules to complete a lash training. That’s skipped class days at school or lost income from missed work hours. But with the flexible training video model, you don’t need to worry about any of that! Watch the videos and practice on your own time, whenever you have time — whether that’s in the mornings before work, on weekends, or in the evenings after school.

15. Opt for extra support at the right time.

Unlike with in-person trainings, you can opt for extra supportwhen you are ready for it! LashBeePro’s online trainings contain an option for an additional two hours of live virtual coaching from one of our expert trainers. Take advantage and ask for all the guidance you need, or even ask real-life business or practice questions while you’re at it. You can practice for a month and then take advantage of this precious time to get guidance on what you are or are not doing well.

16. Develop marketing- and business-oriented lash education.

The course should also offer business and marketing education to help you start the lash career of your dreams! Each step should end with a knowledge check to make sure that you’ve completely understood and mastered that section before moving on to the next, and remain available for you to return to for study and review.

17. Submit practice work for feedback.

We said you should practice, practice, practice, but what good is practice if you’re not receiving feedback on it? A great lash training course should allow you to submit your practice work for feedback to a trainer who can spend as much time as necessary going over your work and providing the oh-so-important individualized feedback we mentioned earlier. The best part? You don’t have to wait or split time with classmates as you would in an in-person session..

18. Additional practice materials.

Most in-person lash trainings don’t — nor do they have the bandwidth to — offer additional practice materials for their trainees. A great online training should come with extra PDF practice guides and reference sheets to allow you to really focus in on the specific skills and techniques you may be struggling with, or simply want to hone into total mastery.

19. Train with the best of the best.

You know you’re on your way to playing in the big leagues from day one when you learn from the pros! When you train to become a lash artist, you learn from master lash artists who are the absolute best at what they do — and want to pass on that knowledge to new lash stylists. The best online trainings put forward the creme de la creme of their lash professionals, and LashBeePro is no different. Our instructional videos are recorded by none other than our co-founder and CEO, Erin Soletski. Our entire training staff is populated with the most accomplished lash artists and beauty professionals in the trade. When you get certified by LashBeePro, you’re walking out with the stamp of approval from one of the most prestigious names in the lash industry.

Whether you're new to lashing or looking to enhance your skills, we have an online class for you!

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