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Social Media Series: 8 Tips To Instantly Boost Instagram Engagement

Posted on July 19 2017

Social Media Series: 8 Tips To Instantly Boost Instagram Engagement

Lash artists, let’s talk Instagram…the social media powerhouse is now the leading business promotion platform and is not showing any signs of going away soon (a la Myspace’s fade into obsolescence). Here are eight pro tips to truly connect with your clientele and boost account followership:


All Hail #Hashtags

  1. Including hashtags in all of your lash pictures will not only broaden your post’s viewing audience across Instagram but also potentially increase unique page views and followers.  For lash accounts, try utilizing popular hashtags such as #eyelashextensions, #lashes, and hashtags of web beauty influencers.  Now, sit back and watch the likes and followers pour in!

Cross Promote on Different Platforms

  1. With a variety of different company social media accounts at your disposal, promote your Instagram account with any other web resources available!  Facebook and Twitter seem to be popular cross promoters for Instagram amongst the business elite.  Feel free to craft a more light, fun approach to redirecting clients to your Instagram page (such as exclusive sneak peeks and mini “stories” of behind-the-scenes salon activities).

Spread the Like Love

  1. Set aside time each day to like a myriad of eyelash extension, lash lift, and other beauty related posts from other accounts in your news feed or by searching popular hashtags (as listed above).  Other lash accounts are likely to return the favor and even follow or comment back!  Words of wisdom: When commenting on other accounts’ pictures, make all feedback upbeat and genuine (no one likes a fake).

Quality > Quantity

  1. From your lash artist camera roll, only select the best and leave so-so images on the cutting room floor.  Filters can enhance borderline usable pictures’ aesthetic regardless of Photoshop magic but keep in mind that high definition, colorful images have a tendency to capture the attention of followers scrolling down their timelines.  One beautiful eyelash montage a week is far more valuable to your feed than ten grainy pictures a day!

Educate Yourself On Photo Editing

  1. On the subject of filters, if your raw, unedited images aren’t doing your lash work any justice, try playing around with different editing apps.  Excellent filter app choices include VSCO Cam, Afterlight, Rookie, or Instagram’s in-app options.  With more technical editing, Perfect 365, Beauty Cam, and Facetune are ideal for fixing minor photo flaws.



Less is More

  1. When shooting and posting lash before and after pictures, simplicity is key!  Visually engaging snapshots for your lash portfolio should be taken with bright lighting, a straightforward illustration of the client service rendered, and a plain background.  Try not to let a busy background distract from your beautiful work. 

Brush Up Your Bio

  1. First impressions are notoriously everything in business and your Instagram bio is no exception!  Must-haves in your description box include a mission statement, website URL, and business telephone number.  Take advantage of fine-tuning your Instagram bio as it sets the tone for your feed and provides you with an opportunity to stand out amongst competitors.

Tell A Story

  1. Instagram stories have been a mainstay amongst platform users and enterprising businesses since its launch last year.  When filming story videos, showcase your lash styling talent with lash stylists in action, client before and afters, or even simple salon happenings.  Clients highly value transparency, and lifting the curtain on general business practices may encourage curious followers to stop in for a consultation.

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